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Adiantum raddianum, commonly called Delta maidenhair fern, and its cultivars are perhaps the most commonly grown of the non-winter hardy maidenhair ferns. Elegant and fast growing, Adiantum raddianum (Delta Maidenhair) is a tufted evergreen fern with smooth, purplish-black stalks bearing triangular, 3-pinnate. Adiantum raddianum. Common Name(s):: Delta maidenhair, Maidenhair fern, Pacific maidenhair; Category: Ferns; Comment: Partial shade to shade; moist to.

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Where are you based? Sign up for our e-newsletter. However, a maidenhair fern will be stronger in growth, more robust to cold temperatures and less vulnerable to diseases and frost damage when planted in Mai after the Ice Saints. Here, studies raddiaunm physiological tolerances or adaptations would be fruitful, especially on the effects of light and low temperatures on growth performance.

Tropical Americas, West Indies. US Fish and Wildlife Service, Plant requires little pruning other than the removal of dead leaves. Temperature Guide Temperature is an important factor for growth and varies from species to species.

Risk of Introduction Top of page The fern is available through the horticultural trade and sold in many nurseries. Distribution Top of page In its native range, in tropical and sub-tropical South America, from Mexico down to Argentina, the raddiaanum is found from 0 to m Adiabtum, ; Zuloaga et al.

Roots must never be allowed to dry out. More information about modern web browsers can be found at http: Soil Tolerances Top of page Soil drainage free Soil reaction acid neutral Soil texture heavy medium Special soil tolerances infertile shallow.

In Hawaii, the fern occurs on all major islands and ascends from sea level to 4, m.

Common maidenhair axiantum Adiantum capillus-veneris is of similar size, but the frond stalk is usually shorter than the lamina. The prothallus is haploid and has structures on its surface producing the gametes or sex cells, e. A part to full shade lover, it is best grown in moistwell-drained soils.


The optimal time for planting or repotting is between the end of March and the end of April. Transforming a dull slope into a beautiful rock garden is easy when you chose the …. Flora of the Gilbert Island, Kiribati: List of species from the flora of Brazil. Flora of the Azores.

It grows on young volcanic soils such as moist cinder and basalt banks. Average Width of Area ft. Pteridophyta, Gymnospermae y Monocotyledoneae Catalogue of the vascular wdiantum of the southern cone Argentina, southern Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. The Delta maidenhair fern displays kind of triangular shaped arched fronds collection of leaves with many small pinnate leaves that are light green in color. Rhizome fragments may be carried to new places by heavy rains or soil disturbances.

This delicate species is in need of a consistent supply of moisture, from the atmosphere and it’s soil. Hanging baskets, pots or containers. Which house plants you choose should depend on the environment you intend to keep them in, the space available, how much time you can spend preening them as well as your personal preference. Measurement Unit Feet Meters. Frost resistant varieties can remain outside. All of these about or more named Maidenhair fern, have similar characteristics and share most of the same care needs to grow well.

Type-specific diseases arddianum the maidenhair fern are not known. Improve humidity levels by placing the plant on a humidity tray with pebbles or use a humidifier. Adiantum raddianumcommonly called Delta maidenhair fern, and its cultivars are perhaps the most commonly grown of the non-winter hardy maidenhair ferns. Drafts and dry air will cause leaflets to shrivel. Best indoor plants low light, low light houseplants.


Direccion General de Medio Natural, pp. Spore cases sori are ‘U’-shaped and arranged either at the edge of veins or at their tips and less than 4 mm wide.

The rot can be adiantjm by softened root parts and a white covering on the roots.

Adiantum Raddianum

For me, foliage house plants are the ticket, because they provid Read full article. When re-potting in spring and when the plant is large enough you can divide sections. This detailed care guide explains what adiantjm should take attention to.

Spore cases are not roundish and not ‘U’-shaped, but longer than they are wide and arranged at the edge of ultimate segments. Somewhat difficult to grow, this tropical native demands high humidity which is not practical in most homes. Aviantum, frost-sensitive varieties of the maidenhair fern should not be planted earlier than early summer, when the night temperatures are warmer. This is usually caused by lack of water. The plant has become naturalized in various tropical and subtropical islands and is considered to be invasive in Hawaii and French Polynesia.

Watch for scale and mealybugs.

Adiantum raddianum

Avocado, Persea americana — How to grow a radddianum from seeds. Terrarium beginner If there is too much water in the terrarium, then the succulents will not flourish. A peat based potting mix is required which includes organic matter. The distribution in this summary table is based on all the information available.