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A Tryst With Trouble [Alyssa Everett] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Dogged for years by painful gossip about his father’s homosexuality. A Tryst with Trouble by Alyssa Everett – book cover, description, publication history. Read “A Tryst with Trouble” by Alyssa Everett with Rakuten Kobo. London, Lady Barbara Jeffords is certain her little sister didn’t murder the footman.

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A Tryst with Trouble by Alyssa Everett (ebook)

For the most part, he was a kind, sweet, sensible man. Sparks fly as the two compete to defend their loved ones.

Truely a wonderful novel! I know most of the books I read and review on here are from the Christian Everrtt Market Having been passed over too many times for her beautiful, younger sister, Barbara has put aside any hopes of ever attracting a man. ARC provided by NetGalley He has some daddy issues which I loved how Everett addressed this issue.

Still this was a small complaint to the overall fun I had with this wonderful debut! This is Alyssa Everett’s debut novel, but because her publisher suddenly went into bankruptcy last year, the book was unavailable.

In fact, she wants nothing to do with ruggedly handsome Ben; troubl reminds her of all the insensitive clods who passed her over. As their investigation continues, the couple becomes more trustful of one another and more tempted by mutual lust.

When a Lord Needs a Lady. I dislike frouble first person generally but in a historical it really doesn’t work. And once I was through with the novel, I realized it was actually a fundamental part of the plot tyrst the end of the novel. And the new cover, which is lovely!!

The story was told from the first person POV’S of both Ben and Barbara so we got to learn their back-stories as well as learn why they both felt and acted as they did. I felt the alternating perspectives really highlighted the sparks that flew between Barbara and Ben, showing the physical attraction that began with their first verbal sparring match and continued to gain heat throughout the story but never once did I feel that what was going on between them take over the story itself.


Nevertheless A Tryst with Trouble is an absolutely wonderful historical romance. But when that footman is later found dead and both Teddy and Helen fall under suspicion, their concerned relatives decide to prove their respective innocence.

For whatever combination of reasons, I just think this particular author writes far more naturally and effectively in the third person. There were times when I was a bit frustrated by the constant misinterpretation of things by both Ben and Barbara, but honestly, the lovely angst on both their parts combined with the surprisingly good mystery far overshadowed those fleeting moments. I liked Barbara and Ben both as a couple and as individuals so it was easy to root for them. Ben is rather gorgeous.

The Duke of Dark Desires. The mystery element was clunky. Update and re-post Although I reviewed this book as an ARC inthe title was never released by the publisher. But eventually I warmed up to it and ended up really liking the characters. Ben was just as wonderful, though there were a few moments where I wanted to shake him.

But as strange new clues emerge that neither can decipher alone, they have no choice but to compare notes and sleuth in tandem. It’s official now, Alyssa Everett is a winer and one of favorites authors in HR genre for me. It helps that they felt trounle a good match and genuinely seemed interested in each other.

There were also elements which felt totally off. The book refers to Ben’s father, the Duke, as a sodomite. The sexual tautness between Ben and Barbara was built up so well throughout the entire story that it would have been lovely to see the fulfilment of all this escalating tension and emotion as a finale. Barbara thinks Ben is arrogant, thickheaded, conceited and self-centred. Some made me want to pull my hair out. The Characters Ben, otherwise known as The Marquess of Beningbrough, is a proud man trying to prove to society that he alyss not like his father.


He bears emotional scars from years at Eton, where bullies pummeled and mocked him because of his father, the Duke — supposedly a “sodomite” as they say.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Their bantering and bickering was hilarious, and while this romance was pretty tame, I loved the sparing and the tension between the two characters. A Rogue’s Christmas Kiss. These are my favorite type of historical romances.

You’re just never going to get into the head of someone everet the nineteenth century. A tenuous bond develops hrouble soon faces its toughest challenge when Ben himself becomes a suspect. In the Duke’s Bed.

Is she a fool, to not be able to read Ben’s heartfelt writing on the wall?? But when the footman turns up dead in her sister’s house, Teddy confesses to spare Helen further scandal and now it falls to Ben and Barbara to work together to discover the truth. Had it not been for the fact that I’m mainly a fan of angstier, darker romances, this would be a solid 5 stars romance for me.

Admitted to his son that you’re gay, it’s a hard stuff, but the Duke did it in an elegant way. There honestly isn’t anything else I can tyst about Sweet romance and thrilling mystery, secrets and scandals.

This, I believe, was her debut and she’s writing better than this now and, thank sweet Jesus and all the elves, has left the first person behind. I want to mention Teddy Ben’s cousin and Helen Barbara’s sister since they play such a large role in the story.

A Tryst with Trouble

While listening to the book I couldn’t stop thinking of that show Murder She Alysssa with Angela Lansbury with the twist of an adult romance. He was so sweet and adorable and utterly lovable.

But, sometimes, that sense went down the drain. My review at “Dear Author”: