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Compact and high-speed hardware architectures and logic optimization methods for the AES algorithm Rijndael are described. Encryption and decryption data. look-up table logic or ROMs in the previous approaches, which requires a lot of hardware support. Reference [16] proposed the use of. Efficient Hardware Architecture of SEED S-box for . In order to optimize the inverse calculation, we . “A Compact Rijndael Hardware Architecture with. S- Box.

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The mapping of LUTs is archktecture by the following pseudo code:. The delay and architecturd estimation for 1, 4 and 16 combinations are shown in Table 2. They compsct proposed a novel pipelining arrangement over the compact composite field S-box such that both high throughput and low power are optimized. The optimized implementation on composite field arithmetic has introduced to reduce both static and dynamic power consumption of S-box along with pipelining and dynamic voltage scaling [ 19 ].

The work of Bertoni [ 23 ], Tillich [ 24 ] and Li [ 33 ] presents the hardware LUT implementations and reports a significant improvement in critical path delay along with low power at the expense of silicon area. Table 1 Resource utilization in percentage for proposed s-box.

A Compact Rijndael Hardware Architecture with S-Box Optimization – Semantic Scholar

As stated earlier our design is implemented as a combination of hardware look-up table and calculation of S-box, we simply compare our architecture with other recent literatures. IEEE international symposium on circuits and system, pp- — Rijjdael five finalists, for example, include an “extended” Feistel network MARStwo standard Feistel networks RC6, Twofish hadrware, a substitution-permutation network Serpentand an algorithm that relies on finite field operations to construct the S-box Rijndael.


In an effort led by Roman Rusakov and Alexander Peslyak, the Openwall optimizaiton breakthrough for more optimal DES S-box expressions provides a 17 percent improvement over the previous best results.

References Publications referenced by this paper. J Electron Test Elazm [ 28 ] rijndarl a composite Galois Field design of S-box to reduce the size and the delay of the circuit. It is well known that the S-box is the most weighted transformation among the four rounds of the AES algorithm. Elazm [ gijndael ]. In order to achieve high throughput and low power, many literatures present the hardware look-up table implementation of S-box.

The remainder of this paper is organized as follows. Since these devices are resource constrained and battery powered, low power and small area are some of the primary requirements. This approach has the benefits of avoiding the complexity of inversion and reducing LUT space requirements to half that of the LUT used for the whole S-box.

CiteSeerX — A Compact Rijndael Hardware Architecture with S-Box Optimization

Among all the three proposed architectures the simulation result that is provided here is the third one. Therefore, the delay is normalized by a factor of twenty. The steps required in the proposed substitution method are summarized in the algorithm Fig 2.

Comparison In this Section, we list all the proposed designs including pipelined design alongside other related works Table 4. Semantic Scholar estimates that this publication has citations based on the available data. Wong M, Wong D.


The next Section shows the proposed S-box architecture in detail. The second implementation compadt Bertoni uses a two stages decoder structure so as to reduce the critical path delay of the circuit. Furthermore, Section 5 presents the results and performance analysis of proposed S-box architecture followed by comparison to other recent related works in the Section 6.

A Novel Byte-Substitution Architecture for the AES Cryptosystem

With a byte state, the architecture flexibility allows varying the bytes processed from a single byte at a time to 16 bytes in parallel with power of twos increments, i. The benefits of pipelining byte substitution can be clearly noticed as the number of bytes processed per iteration decreases.

The decomposition of these tables is similar to the group formation itself. Architectural Realization Design—1 Design—2 Design—3 1-byte 4-byte byte 1-byte 4-byte byte 1-byte 4-byte byte Decoders Delay ns 6. Zhang X, Parhi KK. The proposed pipeline architecture of S-box shows that the throughput can be maximized by reducing the delay of the critical path. Optimiaation graphical representation of i GE versus hxrdware value for critical optimizatioon delay, ii Total Power versus target value for critical path delay and iii Power area product versus target value for critical path delay are performed which shows the novelty of the work.