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use at m/promocode page after login to your account. 2: Please make sure that your discount remain at least 24 Hours to ensure we could deliver the Platinum In time. I'd imagine DE is very interested in not making that public, if that's the case. Q:How to check the Discount Offer for the Platinum purchase in my Warframe Account? They are for use on the "buyplatinum" website for discounts! Reverted until further notice!

Penny board discount code

The login rewards could be one of following if you had logged in for the past 0-2 days: Credits 2,500, affinity 600 Warframe, affinity 600 Primary weapon, affinity 600 Secondary weapon. Fixed Login reward handing out "0 Shotgun Ammo" boxes. Therefore, you can use an online tool to avoid paying for platinum any more. Warframe Platinum Code Generator You can also get your free platinum daily using the generator. As far as we can tell, login rewards seem to be a random choice from a pool of rewards (excluding every 50th day, which has a set reward, like you noted).