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future, they have the capability to handle such things. To learn more about the Red Lion Hotel and activities in and around Richland, view the Local Guide here. Reply by: kodos - click to view full reply 87618 Post by: kodos Reply by: Kilkrazy - click to view full reply 299 Post by: Kilkrazy I have a bunch of them stocked up for making an IG army. For trucks this ends up making them 1/50 or so because they're long vehicles. Your best bet is 1/35 accessory sets, they usually have a lot of guns along iwth pouches, backpacks and such. 1/48 would be too small. You're doing it wrong.

Because if a Guardsman's head is roughly even with the top of the front window, then it's pretty much spot. Reply by: OrlandotheTechnicoloured - click to view full reply 60720 Post by: OrlandotheTechnicoloured They're only 1:72 so far too small for 28mm gaming, but I guess they might work for smallerscales Reply by: Kid_Kyoto - click to view full reply 518 Post by: Kid_Kyoto. M It's a very early French tank and to my eyes an inspiration for the Leman Russ. Some Facebook posts 3 Reply by: Kid_Kyoto - click to view full reply 518 Post by: Kid_Kyoto From Trumpeter/Hobbyboss upcoming releases. Reply by: usernamesareannoying - click to view full reply 3567 Post by: usernamesareannoying It's a play on dirk diggler from boogie nights. Probably better to think of it as a 40K Semi than an every day truck. These guys have some coming in the near future. I'll try to get you some tonight. The sheridan is a light tank and quite small, so for 40k, 1/35 is in order.

Reply by: Jehan-reznor - click to view full reply 57811 Post by: Jehan-reznor For those that want some tanks for their Imperial Guard Japanese Company Fine Mold have released world of tanks Japanese tanks ml Tier IV Medium Tank Type 1 Chi-He Tier VI Medium. Which, for me, I extend that to all non-wargaming kits for any 28mm gaming. I was sort of disappointed: the plastic is a bit on the cheap side wrt to what GW makes, and there are not that many details. Reply by: Kid_Kyoto - click to view full reply 518 Post by: Kid_Kyoto It's just unbelievable how much new stuff is coming.

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