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made of cheesy plastic or are they metal?" (Plastic is not nearly as durable as a study metal). Use Our Search Box Below If You Did. Our referrals include reputable sources like cnbc TV, Yahoo Finance, MSN Money CNN Money.

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2017 However, the scientists shouldn't completely discount muscle performance in the king snake's abilities, notes Anthony Herrel, a biologist at the Natural History Museum in Paris, France, in an email. In other words, a generic product at a more expensive store may be close to or even more than a brand name med purchased at a pharmacy with low discount prices. Examples: discount in a Sentence 1 : a reduction made from the gross (see 1gross 3b) amount or value of something: such as a (1) : a reduction made from a regular or list price offering customers a ten percent discount buy tickets. 15) Do your cabinets comply with the current California Air Resources Board's (carb) emissions standard? Law Dictionary 1 discount noun discount dis-kaunt : a reduction made from the gross amount or value of something: as a : a reduction made from a regular or list price or a proportionate deduction from a debt account usually made for prompt payment. Pentn, miamiherald, "Cubans on the island want to talk to you about refilling their phone minutes The Last Word gave a wide range of discounts to everyone from students with ID to those older than 60, according to a 2013 Observer profile of the store. Since cabinets that are just glued or stapled together have a tendency to separate where the staples meet the frame, this can be a major drawback. . Fox News, "Tom Fitton: FBI looked for excuses to target Trump's team Considering gaming disorder as merely a symptom discounts the problems faced by everyone else, Adair said. If so, and if quality is a priority, make sure you compare apples to apples. (You can expect basic white epoxy glides on builder grade cabinets, but if you pay more for your cabinets, make sure the drawer glides are heavy duty ones that are stronger and more durable. . ALL of our cabinet iines have solid plywood shelves covered with a matching wooden veneer). 10) Are your cabinet drawer glides basic epoxy glides, or are they heavy duty glides?