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if used as weapons, he is quite high, into Hero Killer territory. He (at first) gets along well with the other members of Batman's rogues gallery, treats Harley like an actual sidekick instead of abusing her, and in the end he helps Batman save the city once he gets what he wanted out of his plan. His intervention allows Emmet to return to and save the lego universe. Vile Villain, Saccharine Show : Inverted. When asked what the villains can do in order to help save Gotham, Orca replies "I"m a whale!" Barbara of all people finds this impressive.

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Canonically, Sauron has to rely on armies of orcs, men and the Nazgul to do his dirty work. Ambiguously Bi : In the first movie, he is dating Wyldstyle and in his own movie, he has a crush on Barbara. " Voiced by: Nick Offerman Achilles in His Tent : Note that he doesn't even get a new crew between the first raid on Octan Tower and present day. Down there, a universe is being destroyed because. Adorkable : Is just so happy when he sees Superman.

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